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Kamado joe hiilikori

Kamado Joe

charcoal basket for Classic Joe

99,90 €
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Product description

Easy way to manage lump and ash in the firebowl. Can be used with or without the lump grate. Four top hooks slip into the Divide and Conquer rack for easy lifting. Includes the Half Divider plate.

Fabricated from Stainless Steel. Rings are 0.188" diameter wire. The basket's bottom is heavy gauge - 0.393" diameter rod. 

Classic Joe Charcoal Basket dimensions are: 10.25" diameter bottom ring, 14.5" diameter top ring and 5" overall height (excluding hooks).

Big Joe Charcoal Basket dimensions are: 12.25" diameter bottom ring, 19.25" diameter top ring and 6.375" overall height (excluding hooks)

Recommend measuring to confirm the basket's fit before ordering.















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