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Plancha grilling plate for ProQ Excel Elite 20" Smoker

Pro Q

Plancha grilling plate for ProQ Excel Elite 20" Smoker

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Product description

The ProQ ® Plancha is a high quality 6mm carbon steel grilling plate for the

ProQ ® BBQ Excel Elite 20" Smoker.

It’s great for cooking breakfast outdoors, grilling burgers and seafood, halloumi and vegetables, toasting buns, and anything that tends to be a bit too delicate for wire grills. We even tried some American pancakes last weekend - they turned out perfectly!

  Easy to clean and maintain, the ProQ ® Plancha rarely takes more than a little heat, oil and a scraper to get back to cook ready condition.  Each Plancha has a small hole - designed to fit the handy t-bar tool (included), making it easy and safe to move the grilling plate around.  This hole can also be used to hang the Plancha out of the way when not in use.

Product details

High quality Carbon Steel -  6 mm thick

Diameter  20 inch ( approx. 51 cm)

Fits also many other approx 51 cm diameter Smokers or Grills

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