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Abas Smokehouse, Super Large, painted, black


Abas Smokehouse, Super Large, painted, black

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Product description

This wood fired super size 500l bbq-smoker is perfect for bbq and smoking. Insulated double teel frame makes this efficient and safe to use.

Operates with firewood, smoke from smoldering firewood.

Used for household, camping and fishing.

Built-in heat insulation ensures the highest level of energy efficiency and safety. Since the heat is not wasted during the smoking process, it requires less firewood and is considerably faster than available alternatives.

Double sided wall body construction

Abas smokehouses consume 70-80% less firewood than similar models.

Full control of temperature is ensured, which eliminates the chance of insufficiently cooked or burnt products as well as burning threats for users

Suitable for all weather conditions: highest quality result guaranteed regardless of the season, temperature and outdoors conditions.

Almost easy to carry around: let it be fishing, camping or other outdoors activities .

Easy to maintain

High price performance ratio

No professional skills needed

Perfect for large bbq party. easy to prepare entire bbq party including ribs, loins, chickens and sausages. Also for semi-professional users.

Max loads approx: Brisket or shoulder aprox 40 kg, Ribs of fish 20 kg of 30 chickens.

Product details

We are smokehouse, BBQ and grill manufacturing company from Latvia named “Linda 1 Ltd”. Our business is designing and producing home, garden and catering appliances for smoking meat, chicken, fish, cheese and vegetables, and also BBQ equipment. We sell our product under our registered trade mark

Our products are unique among other likely similar products. First of all our Smokehouses are heat insulated that provides energy efficiency and safety. During the smoking process our products consume very little amount of firewood and emit very less heat from Smokehouse surface.

Unique and patented design provides our Smokehouse user full control for temperature levels and process sustainability – airflow control and direct temperature display provides confidence that all smoked food will be delicious.

All of our products are outdoor use only; they are sustainable for different weather conditions and easy to carry around. But mobility depends on model you choose.

6 racks each 52cm * 62cm.
Weight 100 kg, capacity 500l
Dimensions 75 × 65 × 135 cm











































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