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Manually charged electronic thermometer


Manually charged electronic thermometer

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Product description

No batteries and no electricity? No problem �. This electronic food thermometer will always be at your disposal and will provide you with an accurate reading of the temperature of the meals you are preparing. To charge it, simply shake it. The compact design facilitates convenient and easy use of the instrument. Thanks to its compact size and foldable probe, the thermometer is easy to store and take with you wherever it may come in handy. Stick the probe into the product and, after a while, read the exact temperature measurement on the display.

  • Precise temperature measurement over a wide range - this all-purpose cooking thermometer will allow you to accurately measure the temperature of meals within the range from -50°C to +200°C (from -58°F to +392°F).
  • Practical features - temperature measurement in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, "HOLD" function to lock or unlock the temperature measurement, clear and precise display for readings, foldable probe.
  • Charging without using electricity or batteries - simply shake the thermometer a few times to make it ready for use. Manual charging eliminates the hassle of replacing and disposing of discharged batteries or searching for a mains socket. Choose a simple and environmentally friendly solution!
  • Compact and modern design - small size and ergonomic, elegant shape, black housing colour, folding probe, display and easy access to functions. This high-quality thermometer will easily find a place in a kitchen drawer or cupboard.
  • Readiness to work under difficult conditions - protection against water splashes (IP03) guarantees that this thermometer can meet many culinary challenges.

Are you looking for practical and elegant equipment in which build quality goes together with reliability? If so, be sure to pay attention to our innovative, manually charged electronic thermometer for food. Just shake it!

This thermometer allows you to measure temperature within the range from -50°C to +200°C with accuracy up to 0.1°C. The instrument is handy and aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, has an easy-to-read display and a foldable stainless-steel probe. You will easily find a place for it in your kitchen.

Thanks to manual charging, there is no problem with batteries or access to the mains. This solution is very practical and also good for the planet. Protection against water splashes (IP03) means that the thermometer can cope well even in quite difficult cooking conditions.

How to use the manual thermometer?

  1. Shake the thermometer to charge it.
  2. Stick the probe into the product and, after a while, read the temperature on the display.
  3. Press the "HOLD" button to lock the temperature reading on the display.

Enjoy perfect temperature control throughout the cooking process.


  • length with spike probe extended: 305 mm
  • length after folding the probe: 178 mm
  • width: 33 mm
  • probe diameter: 3 mm

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