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YAKINIKU Rectangular Shichirin | Konro & Yakitori grill

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YAKINIKU Rectangular Shichirin | Konro & Yakitori grill

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Are you ready to take your grilling skills to the next level? Then the Konro & Yakitori grill is an excellent choice! The rectangular

Shichirin has a spacious grilling area of 39x21 cm which lends itself well to cooking small pieces of meat, or a large piece of meat. Thanks

to the ventilation sliders, the Shichirin can easily achieve high temperatures and grill meat evenly.

YAKINIKU Rectangular Shichirin | Konro & Yakitori grill

When you have purchased the YAKINIKU Shichirin, you are ready to impress your guests! With the Konro & Yakitori grill, you can get started anytime, whether you want to grill on a warm summer evening or on a cool winter afternoon, it's all possible. You can go either way with this versatile grill. Its rectangular shape makes it ideal for placing on a long table to be enjoyed by several people. The YAKINIKU Shichirin is also known as a Japanese table grill, Konro grill or Yakitori grill, but this grill also goes by the names Robata grill or Robatayaki. You can use the Konro grill indoors but preferably outdoors. The name Konro & Yakitori grill is originally Japanese. Konro is a grill that used to be made of diatomaceous earth. This material has a very low density, making it very heat-resistant. Nowadays, the grill is often made of other materials. Yakitori literally means yaki=grilling and tori=chicken. The name yakitori can therefore be translated almost directly into grilled chicken, but is nowadays more often used to refer to the preparation method: skewers are grilled over charcoal.

If you have become so enthusiastic and would like to buy a real traditional yakitori bbq, or buy the Konro grill, do not hesitate any longer! Check out the Robata grill at one of our dealers or order directly through our website!


You can easily place the Shichirin on large and smaller tables thanks to its rectangular shape. The Shichirin has a grill surface of 39x21 centimetres and is suitable for 2 to 6 people. If you are with 2 people, it is recommended to fill only half of the grill with charcoal.
Today, the YAKINIKU Shichirin is made of ceramic with quartz and cordierite. The ceramic makes the grill easy to clean and good to use even in winter. This is because the ceramic coating offers protection against all weather conditions.
The Shichirin has ventilation discs that allow you to influence the air circulation yourself. With good air circulation, you can reach high temperatures very easily.
You can prepare all kinds of dishes on our YAKINIKU Shichirin, feel free to take a look at our collection of Japanese dishes.

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Article number 800800
Number of persons 2-6
Width 51.5 cm
Depth 32 cm
Height 19.5 cm
Weight in kg. 11
EAN 8720364490768

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