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Premium vertical stuffer, 5 L

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Premium vertical stuffer, 5 L

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Product description

Meet the premium vertical sausage stuffer that all home sausage makers have been waiting for. It has been designed to meet the needs of professionals and novice enthusiasts alike. This stuffer is easy to use, ensures comfortable working and produces excellent results. Among devices of this type available on the market, our stuffer is distinguished by several design features that every user will appreciate. Thanks to its wide range of features, this stuffer is perfect for making various types of sausages, in any kitchen. And all that in a quick, easy and professional manner without any unnecessary compromise. Take advantage of opportunities that will allow you to be even more creative with your charcuterie.

The strengths of this unique stuffer include:

  • Special piston design - facilitates the correct positioning of the meat and at the same time prevents the stuffing from escaping into the cylinder during the procedure, even under great strain - e.g. when making kabanos sausages.
  • Practical set of 6 funnels - an extremely practical, highly versatile set of funnels with venting system, with sizes starting from Ø 14 mm. Even the tightest casings will not cause a problem when being put on!
  • Stable fixing system - a universal solution that enables installation on tabletops of different thicknesses and keeps the device stable while working. Thanks to it, the stuffer never slides on the table or countertop.
  • Large capacity (5 L) - designed with efficiency in mind, our stuffer can hold up to 5 litres of stuffing, enabling you to prepare a generous batch of sausages efficiently.
  • Reinforced, robust design - the tempered steel bearing and the gear system ensure that the machine can withstand high pressure, while the reinforced structure of the stuffer guarantees excellent stability and durability.
  • Multifunctional gear system with 2 speeds - the first gear is used to quickly lift the piston before refilling, while the second, so-called slow gear, allows the casings to be stuffed with precision and effortlessly.

This vertical stuffer will streamline your work, make it more comfortable and ensure professional-quality results. You have whole 5 L of capacity and 6 different funnels with a venting system at your disposal, including a special funnel for kabanos sausages. With this equipment, you can easily create sausages of different diameters (ø 14/18/21/25/29/35 mm) and give them the perfect texture. For stuffing you can use sheep casings, pork casings, beef casings, polyamide casings, protein casings, etc.

The stuffer ensures perfect and easy filling. It is fitted with a piston with silicone cap, air vent and replaceable gasket. The design ensures ideal piston pressure and optimises stuffing formation during application. A special gear system enables the piston to be lifted quickly and, once the cylinder is full, it allows easy and thorough filling of the casing.

The cylinder and the body of the stuffer are made of stainless steel, which guarantees durability, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance of the device. You will appreciate the high quality of the materials and workmanship especially during intensive use of the stuffer.

Your work will also be made easier by some very useful solutions:

- Possibility to mount the cylinder on either side of the filler, ensuring ergonomic operation for both right- and left-handed people.

- Easily removable body and piston for convenient filling and cleaning of the stuffer.

- Crank fixing screw, preventing accidental detachment during operation.

Attested product, suitable for food contact The stuffer guarantees complete safety at every stage of sausage preparation that employs it.

Please note: Prior to each use, wash the stuffer thoroughly and spread a teaspoon of edible oil on its inner surface. It is necessary in order to ensure the right functioning of the piston and extend the device lifetime.

Familiarise yourself with the user manual and follow the rules it contains, also those concerning the safe use of the stuffer.

Contents of the set:

  • stuffer

- body / framework with base

- encased gear system and bearing (in the body of the framework) and 2 stub pipes for installing the crank

- cylinder

- piston with gasket

- a nut (band) for installing the funnels

  • a crank and a bolt for fixing the crank on the stub pipe of the speed selected
  • 6 funnels, each with length of165 mm, with different diameters: 14, 18, 21, 25, 29, 35 mm
  • 2 universally spaced clamps for attaching the stuffer to worktops
  • user manual

Product dimensions:

- height: 63,7cm

- base length: 30 cm

- base width: 22 cm

Weight: 9,3 kg

Invest in quality and experience perfection in every piece of your product!

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