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Marinade Injector, Siphon Injector, Meat injector Gun


Marinade Injector, Siphon Injector, Meat injector Gun

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Product description

Do you want to cure meat quickly, precisely and conveniently? This modern, semi-automatic, easy-to-use injector with a set of needles and a hose will meet your needs, especially if you value efficiency. The solutions employed in this product place it among the best practical home injectors with professional capabilities and a striking design. With this device, you can cure meat frequently and comfortably, even larger portions of it.

Features that make this injector stand out:

  • Quality and efficiency - this professional, semi-automatic injector will ensure your curing is perfect - fast, easy and efficient.
  • Precise and uniform injection - the device will allow you to use as much marinade as you like and distribute it accurately to achieve the right saturation for each portion of meat.
  • Adjustable head with 3 injection volumes - thanks to the advanced head, you can choose the amount of marinade to be applied: 5 ml, 10 ml or 15 ml, adjusting the curing intensity according to the recommendations in the recipe and to your own taste preferences.
  • Practical 1.5 m hose with weight - the injector is fitted with a robust, long hose with a weight. The weight helps keep the hose in the marinade and facilitates its convenient application from different containers.
  • Set of 4 needles with different diameters - the set includes two needles with a diameter of 3 mm and two with a diameter of 5 mm. This offers the possibility of injecting different types of meat in a manner adapted to their size, shape and structure.
  • Robust design and easy operation - The advantages of the injector include its robust design, which guarantees durability and reliability, while the simple operation of the machine means that even a novice charcuterie-maker will be able to enjoy excellent results.

Check out this practical injector with great features and a modern design. It will perfectly complement your charcuterie workshop and provide new DIY opportunities.

An efficient and easy-to-use injector is an essential tool for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their charcuterie - and this model will be appreciated by both the experienced masters and the enthusiasts who are only just beginning their charcuterie adventure. The injector presented is not only efficient and precise, but also comfortable to use and clean. The preparation process is downright intuitive, and the application of marinades is quick and simple.

A long 1.5 m plastic hose with a weight will allow you to draw as much brine as you need from the container - depending on the size of the portion to be cured, the texture of the meat and the indications in the recipe. You will appreciate the stability of the needles, the multifunctional, ergonomic handle for sucking in the curing brine and injecting the meat, as well as the automatically filling reservoir and adjustable injection volume (5, 10, 15 ml). The set comes with 4 needles of different diameters: two with diameter of Ø3 mm and two with diameter of Ø5 mm, and a spare ring (fixing ring for needles).

Try out this practical injector and successfully develop your culinary creativity!

Please note: Prior to using the device, please familiarise yourself carefully with the user manual included on the packaging.

The set contains small parts and sharp needles - use caution when using the injector. Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets.

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