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Curing salt for Żywiecka sausage, 115 g


Curing salt for Żywiecka sausage, 115 g

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Product description

If you like homemade sausage, either scalded or smoked, you just need to try out or curing blend for Żywiecka sausage.

  • Indispensable help in production of homemade processed meat - it will be perfect for preparing scalded and smoked sausages.
  • Microbiologically stable - thanks to curing, homemade sausages will be secured against microbial growth and will retain freshness and exquisite flavour longer.
  • Appetising colour and wonderful aroma - thanks to “Pekla”, the meat will retain its appetising colour, while the special blend of herbs and spices will make your kitchen full of the extraordinary aroma of homemade meat products.
  • Efficient packaging - a single pack of curing blend is sufficient for preparing as much as 5 kg of meat.
  • Quick and easy preparation - in order to prepare an aromatic juniper sausage, it is enough to mix the minced meat with the packaging content and a bit of water and then subject it to curing.

“Pekla” for Żywiecka sausage provides indispensable help in production of homemade, delicious and health meat products. It will be perfect for preparing scalded and smoked sausages, including the famous Żywiecka sausage. Thanks to using our blend, your products will retain an appetising colour, wonderful flavour and a very distinct aroma. Importantly, it also makes homemade products microbiologically stable – thanks to curing, they will be secured against microbial growth and will remain fresh longer. A single package of “Pekla” for Żywiecka sausage is sufficient for preparing as much as 5 kg of meat, allowing you to enjoy it in a large group of enthusiasts.

Recipe for 5 kg of Żywiecka sausage

Products required:

  • 3 kg pork neck or pork shoulder,
  • 1 kg ham meat 
  • 0.8 kg beef / venison / game meet
  • 0.5 kg bacon,
  • 1 package of “Pekla” curing salt for Żywiecka sausage. 


After removing membranes and fat from the meat, mince it through a plate with mesh size of 12 mm or a kidney plate. Grind beef and bacon through the grinder plate with the smallest mesh size. Knead beef separately, with 0.5 L of cold water, until white gruel appears. Grind the remaining meat using a 8-10 mm mesh plate. Mix the whole meat together, add the sachet content and knead it very thoroughly. Soak the protein casings, insert the filling tightly into them and leave them for at least 8 hours in room temperature in order for them to dry and for the meat to settle well (you can apply cold air fan for this purpose). Smoke the sausages so prepared in a temperature of 50-60°C for about 3 hours and then scaled them by putting the meat to water with temperature of 75-80°C. Scald the sausages until the temperature inside the filling reaches 68°C. The smoking process can be omitted and the sausages can be scalded directly after they become dry and the meat settles inside the casings.

Ingredients: non-iodised salt, seasonings [black pepper (13%), granulated garlic (13%), herbal pepper, allspice], sodium nitrate. 

The product may contain trace amounts of mustard, celery, soy, sesame, gluten and nuts.

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