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Curing Salt 720g

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Product description

Nitrite curing/picking salt for professional use. 

Homemade processed meat is exceptionally tasty and usually disappears from the table in a blink of an eye. When creating new recipes and flavour compositions it is necessary to remember to choose the right method of preserving the processed meat products, since it is what allows us to enjoy them for longer and to eat them in a way that is safe for our health. One of such effective preservation methods is using curing salt. What are the greatest advantages of using it.

  • Maintains microbiological safety - it will protect your delicacies against the growth of undesirable microbes, mainly Clostridium botulinum - botulinum toxin bacteria.
  • Bring out the natural colour from meat products - you will secure your products quickly and easily against them losing their natural red-pink colour.
  • For both dry and wet curing - you can choose yourself the meat preservation method that is the most convenient to you.
  • Simple to use - on the packaging you will find short and clear instructions for use.
  • Safe for health - the product meets all the safety standards.

What is curing salt? It is nothing else than a mixture of non-iodised evaporated kitchen salt and sodium nitrite. Curing salt protects the meat against loss of its natural red-pink colour, but above all else it protects food products against growth of undesirable microbes, mainly the bacteria that produce the botulinum toxin. It accelerates the transformation of nitrites into nitrogen oxide, thus improving the colour of meat products. It is also an excellent stabilising agent. Using curing salt will also allow you to process the meat further, e.g. smoke, dry or mature it.

How to use when preparing 1 kg of meat

Wet curing: pour 58-65 g of curing salt into 1 L of cold water. Add 4 g of sugar and, optionally, your favourite seasonings. Cure the meat in the brine created for 7-14 days in a refrigerator.

Dry curing of meat pieces: rub 18-25 g of curing salt and - optionally - your favourite seasonings into the meat. Cure it in a refrigerator for 3-7 days (1 day of curing per 1 cm of meat thickness).

Dry curing of meat for sausages: add 13-17 g of curing salt and your favourite seasonings to 1 kg of ground meat. Leave the mix so prepared in a refrigerator for 1 day.

Ingredients: non-iodised salt, anti-caking agent: E536, sodium nitrite.

Please strictly follow the maximum amount allowed for processing goods and for the finished product.

Apply Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 and follow-ups and / or national regulations.

Product details

The meats shown in these photos (deer & beef) has been cured/salted with this salt, then smoked, and already eaten. The meats are here only to show how this salt works when cooking, we only ship the salt, no meats are included, sorry.

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