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Natural hog casings 28/30 mm, 15m

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Natural hog casings 28/30 mm, 15m

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Product description

  • Perfect for homemade cold cuts - the natural hog casings are suitable for consumption and are the basic ingredient used in the home production of sausages.
  • High quality and safety - the natural hog casings stand for the high quality which enables you to make your own sausages and avoid unhealthy food additives and preservatives!
  • Easy to use - before use, soak the casings for approx. 3 h in water at a temperature 30°C, and then rinse their interior with lukewarm water. After this process, the product is ready for stuffing.
  • All-purpose - the casings can be used for all types of sausages and for various processing methods; thin steamed, smoked, grilled, dried and maturing sausages.
  • 15 metres in a package - when you buy our product, you will get 15 metres of natural hog casings (in sections), which will be enough for approx. 7-9 kg of meat stuffing!​

Are you dreaming about making your own delicious cold cuts at home? Preparing your favourite thin steamed, smoked, grilled, dried or maturing sausage will no longer be a problem for you! The natural hog casings are fit for consumption, so by choosing them you can prepare your favourite cold cuts and you don’t have to worry about the addition of unnecessary preservatives or chemical additives (the casings are packed hermetically with one preservative - salt!). 

The natural hog casings are perfect for making all kinds of thin sausages and cold cuts such as: juniper sausage, plain sausage, white sausage, Silesian sausage, the Finnish Grilli, the German Bratwurst, the French Boudin blanc and Saucisse Montbeliard, etc. 

The package contains 15 m of casings (in sections). On average, 1 kg of meat stuffing requires approx. 1.6 - 2.0 m of casings (depending on the calibration and type of the sausage prepared, i.e. the thickness of the meat pieces, the consistency of the stuffing). The length of the casings should be measured after soaking in water. This is the only objective measure. The most reliable result is not obtained after stretching the casings and using the measuring tape.

Directions for use:

Before use, soak the casings for approx. 3 h in water at a temperature 30°C, and then rinse their interior with lukewarm water.

Storage conditions:

Before opening - the product can be stored at ambient temperature, in a dry, non-sunlit place. Refrigeration is the most recommended method of storage, as it extends the shelf life.

After opening - the recommended storage temperature is 4 to 14°C. After opening it is recommended to store the product in a refrigerator, covered in salt. Leftover casings can also be frozen and used for other products. After defrosting, the product should not be frozen again!

Ingredients: hog casings, preservative: salt

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