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Meat netting applicator

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Meat netting applicator

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Product description

A small and smart device! This applicator will make it easier for you to prepare your favourite homemade hams, pork shoulders and cheese! See how you can place them quickly and easily in a meat netting and then subject them to roasting or smoking!

  • For cheese, pork ham, gammon, loin, and neck - the applicator facilitates placing the meat or cheese in netting prior to further processing thereof, e.g. roasting or smoking.
  • Convenient to use, does not require fixing to a worktop - features a “leg” that allows easy installation on door without having to fix the device to a worktop!
  • Possibility of working in two planes - you can use the applicator either in horizontal or vertical position.
  • Certified material - by choosing our product, you receive an applicator that is certified for contact with food! Start caring for your own health and that of your close ones!
  • Time savings - the applicator allows pulling on in one go a section of netting that will enable covering multiple pieces of meat or cheese by cutting off netting fragments.
  • Dishwasher safe - the applicator is easy to clean as all you need is water with a detergent and a soft sponge, and it is also dishwasher safe.

Is your kitchen a place where you often prepare aromatic homemade hams and other smoked, roasted and scalded meat, as well as homemade cheese? Become familiar with out novelty – a meat netting applicator that does not require fixing to the worktop! Put your favourite meat and cheese into a netting in a simple and problem-free manner!

Its special shape enables putting hams into meat netting conveniently, while the special leg enables stable installation on cabinet door without having to fix the applicator to a worktop. The applicator can be used on worktops with maximum height of 28 mm. The design of the applicator – featuring a funnel-shaped flange – makes it possible for one person to put all kinds of products into the netting and avoid any trouble with the meat slipping out. Please note! If you decide to use the applicator directly on a table of worktop, the device may slide. When using the applicator in this manner, the assistance of another person might be necessary.

Thanks to the certified material of our product, choosing it ensures that you use safe devices intended for contact with food in your kitchen!

Using the product is very convenient thanks to the possibility of fixing it to cabinet door in different positions – vertically or horizontally.

Using the netting applicator allows saving time. In one go, you can pull onto it a netting section that is sufficient for multiple piece of meat or cheese.

The equipment is easy to use and clean. It is also dishwasher safe.

The applicator is compatible with various kinds of netting with diameter of 12 cm and above.


  • Inner diameter at outlet - 11 cm
  • Outer diameter at outlet - 11.3 cm

How to use:

1. Fix the applicator to kitchen cabinet door, for example, using the applicator leg.

2. Pull appropriate length of netting onto the applicator tube.

3. Tie the netting end or clamp it using netting clamps and place it on the applicator.

4. Put meat or cheese into the applicator while holding the netting with your other hand. Move the content in the direction of the netting in such a way that the product remains inserted tight.

5. After filling the netting with content, tie it tight with twine or clamp it with a press tool, and then cut off the filled netting with a slight surplus. If you are preparing multiple pieces of meat in sequence and using a press tool, install two clamps right away - one after the content and another a bit further - and then push the netting between them through.

Now your meat and cheese is ready for further processing – smoking, roasting, or scalding.

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