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BBQ Smoker Thermometer (0°C to +250°C)


BBQ Smoker Thermometer (0°C to +250°C)

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Product description

Do you have good control over the temperature in your smoker and BBQ chamber? We have a proven piece of equipment for you, one that will facilitate your work in the kitchen while preparing delicious homemade smoked food.

  • ​Professional equipment in your kitchen - this thermometer for smoker and BBQ devices will allow you to control temperature during preparation of your favourite food.
  • With properly wide range of temperature - from 0° to +250°C.
  • Durable and robust - made of high quality stainless steel, and easy to install in smoker door or grill cover using a nut - it will serve you for many years.
  • Convenient reading - the thermometer dial features a colour-based division into specific processes.
  • Safe for your heath - it features a certificate of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).

A durable, robustly executed gastronomic thermometer made of high quality stainless steel. Perfect for controlling the temperature during food smoking and grilling. The device is characterised by a wide temperature measurement range - from 0° to 250°C – included on a large, legible, black dial with diameter of 7.5 cm. It features a certificate of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).​
Can checking temperature during smoking of grilling become very easy? Of course it can! In order to take a reliable temperature measurement it is enough to fix the thermometer to a smoker or a BBQ chamber using a nut. Check out our professional, accurate culinary thermometer and enjoy delicious homemade products!

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