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Oren butcher paper 24" 150ft/45 Meters

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Oren butcher paper 24" 150ft/45 Meters

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Product description

oren paper

45m /61cm


    paper is made r in the USA! This paper is the highest quality

    40lb pink butcher paper on the market and is 100% safe for food contact.

    Get the BEST peach butcher paper without hesitation!

  • ✔ UNCOATED & UNBLEACHED – No bleach, no wax, no coatings. This

    means there are no harmful or toxic polymers or chemicals that can leach

    into your food while cooking. Use this paper for your next backyard

    grilling party! Have yours shipped out now!

  • ✔ AUTHENTIC TEXAS STYLE – Used near the end of cooking to help power

    through the stall. Wrap your brisket with our pink butcher paper instead

    of foil. This allows the meat to breath, retains moisture, and also

    shields the meat from too much smoke to help give you the perfect bark.

    This is the same paper used and recommended by Aaron Franklin. DON'T

    WAIT, get yours today!

  • STRONG AND DURABLE – Our specially formulated process to the internal

    paper structure gives an extra boost to the paper’s wet strength. This

    high wet strength keeps the paper from falling apart when it gets soaked

    with oil or water. Order yours today!

  • ✔ MULTI-PURPOSE & EASY TO USE – With this roll you can tear or cut

    off just the right amount. This paper is perfect for all your backyard

    grilling, serving, or craft needs. Use this paper for smoking meat,

    crawfish boil, serving burgers and fries, ribs, table runner, packing

    paper, wrapping gifts, placemats, and more! This paper is every

    pitmasters best friend. Get this now for your next get together!

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