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Jealous Devil ONYX Lump "Binchotan" Charcoal 10lbs-4,5kgs

Jealous Devil ONYX Lump "Binchotan" Charcoal 10lbs-4,5kgs

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Product description

  • Carbonized under extreme heat using an ancient Japanese technique dating back thousands of years
  • Can be relit and reused with minimal loss of structure or performance
  • Incredibly hot burn produces far infrared heat, which seals in flavors and provides perfectly even cooking from the inside out
  • Burns without smoke or flames, providing for exceptional culinary control
  • Crafted from 100% pure, dense South American hardwood

If you notice any cracking or popping sounds you need to dry out the charcoal first. This is because binchotan absorbs moisture from the air. Any moisture inside the charcoal will expand on heating causing cracking sounds/spitting. To dry out A) place in the sun or B) If you want to use straight away, put it on low heat for approximately 10+ minutes. After drying out you can increase the temperature.

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