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20'' Offset Smoker, Hand made

20'' Offset Smoker, Hand made

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Product description

Our hand-made Barbecue Smoker Grills have been made from solid steel meeting a high-quality standard. Smoker Grill Diameter 20 inches / material 6.2 mm

Nette Lette BBQs have been designed for both experienced and hobby grill fans.

They are ideal for gentle cooking with warm air, as well as for roasting and boiling. The Grill Smoker 20" is suitable for all kinds of direct and indirect grilling.

Classically-designed high-quality Smoker grills on wood or charcoal will make you the star of the garden BBQ thanks to their durable materials (6.2 mm STEEL) for many years to come. Thanks to these materials ambitious barbecuing is possible.

Data, equipment, properties:

Dimensions (with fireplace and carry handle) : 167 x 87 x 180 cm
Weight : approx. 190 kg
Thickness of wall: 6.2 mm
Barbecue BBQ in inches: 20" (51 cm)
BBQ area cooking chamber: 70 x 50 cm
BBQ surface, heating chamber (firebox): 40 x 50 cm

Working-, BBQ height : 80 cm
Smoke pipe : Ø 100 mm
front tray (can easily be folded underneath or removed): 60 x 25 cm
Oak handles
Sturdy frame (removable)
Grates underneath (easy to remove): 40 x 50 cm
Rubbered steel wheels : 40 cm diameter (removable)
Stainless steel grill grates in firebox, cooking chamber and smoke tower Ø 4mm
10 mm fire grate made of solid steel rods for the heating chamber
Built-in high-precision stainless  premium thermometer
Adjustable vent opening in the fire chamber for controlling air intake and heat control
Smoke pipe with exhaust air control
Cooking plate above the firebox
Grip/carry handle (easy to remove)
An eyelet for a swivel arm on the firebox
Scraper for removing burning embers and cinders
Bin for fat and liquid waste

All edges and attachment parts have been sanded down. No risk of injury from sharp edges.
Our smokers are sand-blasted before painting to remove all dirt first- this makes the heat-resistant paint last longer.
Painted with 800°C heat-resistant high-quality branded paint.

Comes with:
2 x grill grates Ø 4 mm for combustion chamber
2 x grill grates Ø 4 mm cooking chamber
1 x fire/charcoal grate for firebox
1 x smoke flue
1 x front shelf on cooking chamber
1 x below
1 x grip/carry handle
1 x grease bin
2 x scrapers for burning embers and cinders
1 x built-in standard thermometer (you can choose to replace it with a stainless steel thermometer).
2 x slots in cooking chamber for digital thermometer cables​
Cooking plate on firebox
Eyelets for swivel arm 

This unit has some specials included:

1 x Heat deflector plate 4mm steel

Rubbered wheels

1 x built-in standard thermometer (you can choose to replace it with a stainless steel thermometer).ALREADY REPLACED

Grill grates upgrated from 0,4mm to 0,6mm stainless steel.

Product details

Some tips for using the grill thermometer

1. Before you start to use the thermometer, you must screw in the brass threaded piece in the grill or in the smokehouse with a 27-mm wrench and tighten it slightly. Only after the thermometer is screwed into the threaded piece and slightly tightened with the wrench. Please note that you must not turn the thermometer when it is firmly screwed on with the screw.

2. Please pay attention that the standard thermometers are not waterproof. You have to protect the thermometer from contact with moisture (after using the grill smoker you have to take the thermometer out). Water that has collected in the thermometer is not considered a warranty claim and the thermometer will not be replaced.

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