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Binchotan White Maitiew 5kg

Binchotan White Maitiew 5kg

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Product description

BBQ Flavour Binchotan White Konia burns at a constant temperature and does not produce smoke or splatter. It has a long burn time, averaging
6 hours. This Binchotan has a carbon percentage of 96-98%. The charcoal bed can reach a temperature of 1000 to 1200°C

BBQ Flavour Binchotan White Maitiew 5kg

Compared to Marabu charcoal, Binchotan is much quieter. It doesn't crackle and is completely odorless and smokeless when you light it. It burns much longer than Marabu and also achieves a higher temperature. Therefore, no chemicals were added during the traditional production process. The ash content is about 1.8%. Binchotan is a type of charcoal with an unearthly high carbon percentage, which makes for an almost pure composition. And you can taste that. Binchotan is made in Japan in a wonderful traditional way, in kilns made of stone and clay. The burning of this charcoal requires such great expertise that there is a separate profession for it: Binchotan burner. Producing Binchotan to Japanese quality standards is very difficult, but certainly not impossible. Above all, it takes a long time. One cycle of making about four hundred kilos of Binchotan takes no less than 15 days. That cycle starts with collecting wood and ends with packing it into boxes. The collected wood is first carefully placed in the kiln and heated at about 200 °C for about ten days with minimal oxygen supply. The minimal oxygen supply ensures that the wood does not burn but decomposes. Because so little oxygen is supplied, an almost completely pure carbon composition is formed. When the smoke coming from the kiln is just the right color, the wood has decomposed and the oxygen supply is increased. The kiln reaches a temperature of no less than 1000 °C . This process stops as soon as the charcoal gets a red glow. The final step is to roll the charcoal in ash and sand, giving it its characteristic gray glow. After all, it's not called White Binchotan for nothing. The end result is Binchotan, with a wonderful carbon percentage of no less than about 95%. The best way to get Binchotan to burn is to first make a softer charcoal bed with, for example, Acacia charcoal. You then place the Binchotan diagonally on the hot charcoal bed. This way you can easily light Binchotan. It is also possible to light Binchotan with a gas burner, which takes about 15 minutes to do.

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