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ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator

Pro Q

ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator

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Product description

We’re pleased to present the “Artisan” a new, larger version of our amazingly successful Cold Smoke Generator, perfect for commercial use and those customers wanting to cold smoke more food in larger containers.

Our original CSG is most effective in containers that have a capacity of between 30 Litres – 150 Litres – like The ProQ® Eco Smoker (33 Litres) and Frontier (105 Litres with 2 stackers) are ideal. The Artisan is designed to work in containers that are larger, from around 150 Litres and upwards – The ProQ® Excel 20, with 2 stackers, is around 170 Litres in capacity.

Cold smoke for longer and in larger smoking compartments with the new ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator. The all stainless steel Artisan is larger than the original ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and will deliver 16 hours of cold smoke from just 300g of wood dust.

Wood dust is sold separately

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