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Grill Team whiskey oak barrel Chunks

Grill Team

Grill Team whiskey oak barrel Chunks

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Whiskey oak chunks for perfect BBQ. 0,5kg

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Product information
RIVER NORE, Barbeque smoking chips can be
used for smoking fish, chicken, meat,
sausages and vegetables.
RIVER NORE product can be used in a traditional
closed smoking container or when adequately
moistened in the hot charcoal-barbeque,
directly over the hot coals.
RIVER NORE smoking flakes are made of Irish
whiskey maturing casks. RIVER NORE oak barrel chips
have received strong char-derived smoke flavor during the
whiskey manufacturing, and it contains a diverse mixture of aroma,
features of oak, vanilla, bread, cereal and toffee.
User instructions:
RIVER NORE smoking chips can be used directly
from the bag into smoking container to flavour
your ingredients.
When using a coal grill for smoking the chips
should be soaked in water, so that they do not
immediately burn when the chips are put on hot
Meat, fish or vegetables smoking can be flavored
or marinated before smoking. Chicken and mild
flavoured incredients can be smoked with less
smoking chips amount, while for smoking red
meat or game, you can use more chips to
achieve proper taste.
RIVER NORE smoking chips should be tested with a small portion in order to know how of evaluating in
order to obtain the correct amount of chips for required smoke taste. Various food materials require
different amounts of smoking chips.
Packing information
Product weight is 450 g smoking chips. RIVER NORE smoking chips are packaged in a resealable bag so
that the chips unique aroma lasts longer. One bag can be used for several barbeque smoking occasions.
The packaging is made of PE deposited packaging paper and has a ziplock closure of the bag at the
entrance. Packaging can be disposed of by incineration or recycling it among the liquid packaging board.
Use and storing instructions.
Avoid RIVER NORE opening the package near an open flame.
RIVER NORE smoking chips are only intended for smoking food. RIVER NORE product must not be left
close to the small children, they may constitute a choking hazard, if the product is put in the mouth.
RIVER NORE smoking chips is best kept protected from light, in a dry and cool place. The product is
packed directly in the manufacture of air conditioners preservation















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