Savustintukku stands for: Great grills and awesome sauces

Table top BBQ, Shichirin, Teppanyaki & Hibachi grill

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Bringing people together with food and simply grilling on a traditional
Japanese grill. A beautiful summer evening with family and friends
together. The table is filled with good food and then it's time to
grill. A delicious evening programme in which your guests can enjoy a
konro grill. A Shichirin is a compact and versatile table grill that you
can easily take with you or move around at any time. With this grill,
we can enjoy and create cosiness on and around the dining table.

The special thing about grilling with the Shichirin is the cosy sitting
together around the fire. Comparable to gourmets, the delicious food is
presented on the table in small portions. You will search in vain for
the grill master who is in charge. When using a Japanese bbq grill,
friends and family take place around the grill. Everyone prepares his or
her own food as desired on the Japanese konro grill.

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